Sunday, January 25, 2009

This Week

I had another SUPER busy week this week. My sis went on a cruise to Mexico Mon-Sat so I had Logan a ton! And now that he's crawling and standing he's a huge handful. See:
And it was just busy in general at work. I have been doing my 365 faithfully. I think I'll keep taking them every day and then posting them in a batch every weekend when I have more time to work on it. He claims that I am going to start having Sats. off but we all know how he is so we'll believe it when we see it. LOL!
Day 18 1/18/2009:
Lexy's Twilight pendant
Day 19 1/19/2009:
Day 20 1/20/2009:
Small Candy Sprinkles star
Day 21 1/21/2009:
My dreads that are gonna be installed tomorrow :)
Day 22 1/22/2009:
Singles Awareness Day Line
Day 23 1/23/2009: Also from the Singles Awareness Day Line
Day 24 1/24/2009:
just got my nails filled


Nicole said...

Logan is a cutie!

That candy sprinkles star looks good enough to eat.

How does one install dreads? That looks like A LOT of work.

Jaded said...

They are real candy sprinkles.
Dreads are braided into my real hair, kinda like extensions, only my hair is as long as they are. it takes hours

Nicole said...

Oh, that's so cool about the sprinkles!

So how long will the dreads be? Longer than your hair now? Will you be posting pictures? How do you wash/maintain them? How long do they last?

Jaded said...

they'll be about as long as my hair is now. I'll put up tons of pictures. they're made of synthetic hair so you wash your hair just like normal. you can keep them in like 4-6 weeks.

Jen said...

Oooh I love the candy sprinkles :)
I love all new stuff your making

Wow those are some long dreads

Nicole said...

Cool! Can't wait to see pictures! I take it you are sitting in a chair now getting your hair done :P

Jaded said...

actually she bailed on me last nite so she can't do it till sat :(

star said...

awww...he's a cutie!

lovin the dreads too!'ve been tagged. :)

Padaysia said...

Logan is darling!! Definitely looks like a handful, but in the best of ways!! LOL
Thanks for the compliment about my cherry blossoms themed wedding! We thought it was a nice touch! :)