Sunday, February 8, 2009

This week

Its been a very long week and not much has happened. I pulled a muscle in my back last saturday at dance practice so most of my week has been spent sitting or laying with ice on it and going to the chiropractor and thats about it. But I feel much better today.
Here are my 365 for this week:
Day 33 2/2/09: one of my moms pendants done
Day 34: 2/3/09: my Morgan on her birthday:
Day 35: 2/4/09: one of my first ACEOs
Day 36: 2/5/09: Morgan
Day 37: 2/6/09: a statue in the garden outside my chiropractors office (mom&nani its right next to the womens improvement club on Main)
Day 38: 2/7/09: The elementary schools band @ the health & safety fair 3 or 4 of our kids in it
Day 39: 2/8/09:some pendants & things im making today;

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Happy Birthday Morgan!

Today my baby turns 3. its a bittersweet day for because it is also the 3rd anniversary of my 1st baby girls death
Happy 3rd Birthday my baby Morgan Pearl

Sunday, February 1, 2009

(Insert title here)

So my week wasn't very exciting, same as always. With the exception of yesterday(sat) Did alot of web stuff this week, listing new things, taking pictures of them stuff like that.
Lots of talk with Suzie and my dad this week about opening a shop eventually. Its a consignment shop that will focus on ren themed items as well as local artists and designers. We'll have to wait it out to see if it ever actually goes any where.
On a super awesome note Bey Abi (the bellydance troupe im with) found out that we are performing at the big Rennaissance Faire!
We had black belt testing all week for 3 of our boys so that was most of my week. 3 days of sparring and 1 day of everything else.
Then yesterday after black belt testing Ferret came and installed my dreads(pics below) I freakin love them!!! then we had dance practice and the awesome Sooz came to give us pointers and drill us in ATS(American Tribal Style) I learned so so much and it was great. But i am really sore today. Then i we all went to club skandal to watch Ferret, Nonnie & Sooz perform. It was way cool except for all the goth girls that looked like they wanted to beat me up cuz im not all goth-d out. I took a ton of pictures. Here are some:
This is a cool picture i got of Ferret:

This is Miss Hannah all vamped out: Ferret & Nonnie performing:

Raine: Sashi of Ascend: The rest are on my flickr page here
And heres me & Nonnie she made my dreads for me

Here are all my project 365 pictures for this week:

Day 25 1/25/09: My breakfast pizza thingy creation

Day 26: 1/26/09: beads that i made:Day 27: 1/27/09: my 1st ACEOs ever:Day 28: 1/28/09: another piece from my singles awareness day line:

Day 29: 1/29/09: Shell magnets:

Day 30: 1/30/09: Dad kicking DJ in the head:

Day 31: 1/31/09: Nonnie spinning:

Day 32 2/1/09: making pendants with my moms photos on them