Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Me? Blogging?

So being that this is my first official blog i figured i should tell you what i'm thinking my blogs will be about and apologize in advance for my horrible typing, grammer, and punctuation errors that i will be making. (my run-on sentences are the worst) I don't have one specific thing i want my blogs to focus on, my brain tends to hop to random things constantly so i refuse to make any promises. However i do know that i woud like to blog about my pieces that I''m making and selling in my etsy store(www.cutthroatbodyart.etsy.com) and in my ren faire booths. You will probably also read alot about endometriosis since my diseas has such a huge effect on my life, and my pieces so often come from trying to distract from the pain. Knowing me you will also randomly hear about my "babies" also known as pets to some people. (Like how right now my snake is about to shed for the first time since i got her and its way cool.) I am totally open to comments, questions and suggestions as long as its not rude. I am a new blogger and still not really sure what im doing. Off to work now.....thanks for living in my world for a minute.