Wednesday, April 22, 2009

More Faire Pics

The Poxy Boggards! I love these guys, you should look them up on youtube. They RoCK!And Wolgmut. They rock too! I know it looks like it but i swear i do not have those kind of feelings for the guy i'm talking to
look! i learned how to look up and smile at the same time

Half of our entourage

See the hat with the big feathers? Thats my dads big head blocking me

and thats me looking right at him

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Today is my birthday, I'm 27 wow that sounds way to cose to 30, AHHHHHHH ....ok got that out of my system. anyways my mom wrote a really sweet blog about it and you should go check it out On other things, faire starts this weekend and i've been doing pre-faire evey weekend so far hence the lack of blogging and then my stupid power cable on my computer stopped working, so until i get a new one i'm doing everything from my new phone, man i am so glad i got a G1 that way i still have net access. i plan on taking tons of pictures when i'm not dancing so hopefully i will get the uter fixed sson so you all can see them. and during faire season every week usualy around weds. you can go to and click on faires and then santa fe dam faire and click on each date from that weekend and he will have thousands of pictures from faire and hundreds of our dance troupe. thanks for listening to me ramble on!!