Thursday, June 26, 2008

They need help....

My day job is a karate instructor and I tend to think of all the kids as my kids. I found out last nite that one of my 13 year old students has suffered a great tragedy. He lost both his parents May 31st. He has a younger sister who is 8. These are both wonderful wonderful children that now have nothing left. They are trying to raise money thru the on my own but not alone foundation. Please help by donating anything you can to the Summers children fund, they are greatly in need and they've lost the most important people in their whole world. Thank you for your kindness. If you want to read the article about the deaths its here. and the article about the fundraising is here. Again thank you.

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of my favorite things i made:

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Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So much happening

So much has happened the last few days. Biggest and most importantly my sister had her first baby. Meet Logan:
He is 7lbs. and 22 inches long. He is so long! She ended up having to have a c section after a whole day of labor but she did so good. and david was with her the whole time he's done great too.

And Dad is officially gramps now.

This was also the last weekend of faire. It was pretty slow again but it was nice. The people from the rat races got their revenge on the whole faire and took special time out for Bri's booth which was nice since she had spent so much time rebuilding it. This was her and Chelsea's braid work for me for the last day:

I had some drummers drum and dance on Sat. but there wasn't many people to watch
In my moments of boredom i discovered that i can take pictures like my mom, see:

Sunday the angel of death stopped by to hang out, if you're ever hanging out on hollywood blvd make sure to stop and say hello to him. He's very friendly.

Other then that i just laid around alotOh and i guess i did some henna too!

And fairy dog Morgan tried to help us make money the only way she knows how:

So overall its been a good few days.