Friday, January 2, 2009

Here mousey mousey....

I know its not going to be easy (mom) I never said it would. Heres todays:
Day 2 1/2/09:
Paks kept poking just her head out looking for some dinner


Nicole said...

Cool! What kind of snake is Paks? A python?

Does she eat frozen or fresh mice? Our snakes eat frozen only. Two of them know their feeding schedule and are always waiting for their food. It's pretty cool!

You need to post more pictures of your snake. I'd love to see more! How old is she?

Jaded said...

she is almost a year and shes a red tail boa.
im still working on getting her on a set schedule.
shes eating dead but fresh right now, im going to start transitioning her to frozen cuz that will be way easier on me.
she doesnt like her picture taken so i dont get many of her but ive been trying.

Nicole said...

She's going to be a beautiful adult! Red tail Boa's are very pretty snakes. Maybe you can get someone to take a picture of her while you hold her? Or get your mom to hold her while you take a picture. Mwuahahahahaha! I know she'd love that! :P

Well, fresh but dead is better than alive huh? I would never be able to feed live mice to our snakes. We've had a few fresh mice that were gassed before they were given to us. Kinda gross, but at least they were dead. And snakes do need to eat!

Jaded said...

lol! my mom would have a heartattack! huh mom?
I'm going to get some more pictures today when shes done eating. shes still small enough that i can have her in one hand and the camera in the other.