Sunday, January 4, 2009

Just for Nicole

Per Nicoles request todays project 365 pics are of Paks
Day 4 1/4/2009


Di said...

That thing was loose in your house!!!!!!!

Nicole said...

Oh wow! She's beautiful! She is going to be amazing looking when she's full grown! I like her terrarium set up too. Very nice! Thanks so much for posting pictures Jade :o) Very awesome of you! I will show my husband when he gets home from work. He'll love the pictures!

By the way... you have some sweet ass nails! Can I say ass on your blog? I guess I shall find out if you post this or not hey? :P

Anonymous said...

Nicole told me about this post so I figger I'd comment! That is such a beautiful snake! I love snakes, and perhaps I shall add more to my collection soon! Red tail boa? Maybe, we'll see!

Thanks for all the photos :-)

Di said...

Nicole, the pictures don't do her nails justice. They looked beautiful!! And, yes, as her mother I give you permission to say "ass" on her blog.

Nicole said...

Diane, you should let her fancy your nails up! They are so cool!

Ass ass ass! Woohooo! :P