Thursday, July 31, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thriteen ways to know if you have Twilight-itis
1. You compare every man you ever meet to Edward Cullen
2. You stare at every black Volvo with limo tint windows just hoping its him
3. If anyone talks to you on Aug. 2nd you might kill them
4. You've actually considered moving to Forks
5. You say Edward, Bella, Jacob, etc. in everyday conversations like you see them all the time
6. Everytime you see a yellow Porsche you giggle
7. When ever you see men playing basesball you say to yourself: "vampires play baseball?"
8. On your list of traits a man must have you now added that he must sparkle
9. You changed your marriage requirements from till death do you part to forever
10. You have a countdown clock on your myspace/facebook/blog counting down to friday nite
11. You have changed the way you look at big hairy guys
12. You think looking plain isn't so bad
13. You answered yes to all of the above


Di said...

Ok, I didn't get any of that, sweetie, sorry. I need to see the book before KT reads it. I don't think I want her to read a book about vampires.

Is it the new book that's coming out Friday?

kim* said...

I have no idea... :)

Nicole said...

Have you read these books Jade? Lorne and I are deciding whether or not we will buy them. If other people our age like them then we will. If they seem too teen-y bopperish then we might not... unless we just feel like it! :P I do however want to see the movie. It looks pretty harmless.

Jaded said...

Nicole, its a very odd thing with this series it is good for our age and teeny boppers. it really is loved from 13-45 from what i've seen so far. all of our moms love it and so do all our teens. i am a total addict. i think you'll like them.

Kim said...

I said 'yes' to all of the above, I've got it bad. ;) And there's only 21 more hours until Breaking Dawn!!! I'm already planning on staying up and reading it cover to cover. I am beyond excited right now. :)