Thursday, July 24, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Today I decided to do 13 things I want from Its the same site my shop is on and there are wonderful artists and creators on there. If you like what you see just click the shops link below the picture.
1. ( I actually already ordered these)











13. is such a great site and everything is handmade please check it out!


Di said...

The braid thing is really cool. So is the flag purse. Did they make the Jaded things just for you?

HEY!!! You don't need to buy photos of flowers, I have plenty you know.

5pm at Wingnuts, if you want to ride with us, let me know.

Jaded said...

Yeah I ordered the jaded and trubble special for me and jenni. I know but megzy is so sweet and shes trying so hard to sell her cards and prints so i want her to do good with it.

~Me~ said...

Lol...I like the dog.

Happy TT!

Kim said...

You have amazing taste! :) I really want the harlot necklace from LadySpleen. I think I'll be making a purchase from her in the near future. I love necklaces, but never wear them. I tend to keep accumulating them. But anyway, great post. Thanks for sharing this Thursday!

Chris said...

Love the harlot heart. Happy TT

Qtpies7 said...

I want the damsel in the dress, dress! Gorgeous!

Major Tommy said...

What a wonderful selection!

Thank you for including me. :)

kim* said...

love your 13 thursday theme

brightonEarly said...

What a great idea, and GREAT finds!!!

NurseExec said...

I've never been to think it's high time I go! Love the bracelet. Great TT!