Monday, July 7, 2008

This Weekend!

Busy busy weekend. First I went to the parade on Friday. Its so funny because no matter how big Corona gets this parade is still just a cheesy home town parade that anybody can be in for no apparent reason at all. This is Sharon Martinez. She has Breast cancer and basically was told that there isn't anything more they can do for her. But she is the sweetest nicest lady I've ever met. And she has helped raise a ton of money for The Foundation.(p.s. the walk for breast cancer is coming up and i'm looking for team members)
And we had a member of the 501st:Sat. Night me and Rob Roy went to my moms for the UFC fight:

My mom has more pictures on her blog:

And with all that stuff i still found time to make some new things for the shop:

All available at


Di said...

HEY!!! Did you steal some of my pictures or are they from your camera??

I really like the bracelets.

Nicole said...

Sometimes cheesy home town parades are the best! I live in a city of over a million and they are stupid enough to have the parade on a friday morning at 8am. Not many people can go to that so I have only gone to a large city parade once when I was maybe 6 years old... Small towns seem to know that it is smarter to have a parade on the weekend.

By the way, I really love your atwork, purses, bracelets and everything else you make. I even told my husband about the purses you make out of wood and he thinks your stuff is pretty cool too. You really do have quite some talent! I do want that wooden purse (the one with the bamboo handle), but I have to see when we have extra moola. Hopefully next pay!

Jaded said...

thanks nicole! i love doing them. i'm hoping to sell enough to be able to do it full time

Nicole said...

Making and selling your stuff full time would be amazing! I hope that works out for you!

Jaded said...

i hope so too. but the economy's gonna have to get better first. it would just make being sick so much easier if i didn't have to worry about going to work every day

Jade, Will and Illy said...

I loveeee these bracelets! I was digging through your blog here and saw them and had to comment. Then when I saw you put the OHM on one of them, I had to even more! I have a tattoo of the ohm between my shoulder blades :)