Thursday, March 12, 2009

I am not dead!!

Just dropping a quick note to let everyone know i'm alive and ok. Mostly exhausted. We've been practicing all day saturdays & sundays at the fair site and late into tuesday nite and i've still been working all my hours and on top of all of this i'm trying to start an outside karate program at the local montessori schools in town. heres som pics I took at site this weekend. hopefully some of us dancing soon. we are trying to set up a photo shoot soon.
Here's Merryl our fearless leader. This is our backstage spot. Its pretty empty so far. We'll be building our hooch this weekend.

Here is most of our motley crue, oops i mean crew! clockwise from the left Merryl(Mish-Ala), tall Matt(khayyam), Veronika(Nonnika), Paul(Basit) and Steve(Nadim) Jill Jean and the other Matt were off some where.

Nonnie drumming looking all pixie-ish So for all the weekend left in March I will be at rehearsals then Big faire starts April 4th and goes thru May 16th but starting on May 9th I will be at my booth at the little faire, so if I keep lagging at my blog I apologize heres our troupe myspace if you wanna check us out:

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Nicole said...

So glad you're alive still :P

I can't wait to see some dance pictures! Those are gonna be cool. Your crew look like they're a bunch of fun people :o)

By the way, I like your new layout. Looks good!

I'll check out your guys' myspace page now.