Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Key to my heart purse

Here is one of the blank things i pictured on sunday. I'm calling it the key to my heart purse. But i'm just not sure if its done yet. what do you think? Should i do something on the back too, or the sides? I'm just not sure yet. Sometimes i over do things ii don't want to do that with this one. I think i'm going to just sit and stare at it for a while to see what i come up with. When i finish the others i will put them up too.


Tizzalicious said...

It's fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Isn't that true, I aim for simple but I just can't leave things alone sometimes. And other times I just have a big idea and go blank I started a drawing and now I think it's under my couch LOL I just don't know what to do next, It's such a great idea I just want it to be perfect.

Infinite Cosmos said...

that is stunning!