Friday, August 21, 2009

So Busy...

I've been so busy it feels like I've been going and going since Feb. Its been crazy. There was pre-faire then there was big faire then there was Corona faire, then karate stuff, then bellydance kaleidascope, then big bear faire. Bellydancing events are at least coming to an end for a while because most of our group are monsters at Knotts Halloween Haunt so no practices or events until Nov. But work-wise things are only going to get more crazy. Starting Sept. 1st I will have my own program with Chino Hills parks & rec. I'm a little worried about not making enough money but I'm hoping it all works out ok.
On the home front, I'm living in the house but I'm not sure for how long. I'm sort of stuck just sitting here waiting for everybody else to do what they have to do to take care of it. Its really nice to be in a house instead of a apartment. The dogs are happy to have a yard and have so much space. The house still needs so mich work, its so old and just really needs some TLC and some money. I'm doing what i can but most of it will have to wait.
I'm also working on getting my walk team together for the "Our Local Fight" walk for breast cancer. We have a few team members already but I'd really like more. And with the economy the way it is I really hope we can still raise some money to help the Foundation. Heres our team website: people can donate or join our team from there. I'm working on creating new pieces for the store to help raise money for the team! I'm doing keychains & pendants with breast cancer related pictures. I can't wait to get some done so I can show you all!
I leave you with my very favorite picture from Big Bear Faire:

"Got a little Captain in you?"


Di said...

Between your schedule and mine, we won't see each other till Christmas!!

Nicole said...

You sure have been busy! I hope Your new program with Chino Hills works out for you! And I also hope you get to stay in that house. Our dogs would so love a yard again.

Can't wait to see your new jewelry and key chain ideas!

Haha that picture is great :P