Sunday, July 26, 2009

Craft Room Part 1

So this is what the craft room looks like now that i moved in. I want to make it into a creative space where I can work and create. so consider these the before pictures
if you have any tips or tricks please share. i am also doing this on a budget of zero so we'll see how much i can do what that.


soulflower said...

Good luck with your craft room...just be sure to put all you cool stuff in there so you have a great place to photograph your crafts.Thats what i try to do with mine!

Jen said...

I see great potential in your craft room, it already looks like you have some drawers and cubes and such for organization

I found some really cute cubes to put things in at a dollar store... so they were really cheap but cute way to decorate.

Jaded said...

ya i have a few things. i love the dollar store for organizational type stuff