Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things I would do if I didn't have Endo 1. i'd work out every day 2. i'd get a real job 3. i'd go out to bars & clubs with my friends 4. i'd date 5. i'd do way more creating 6. i'd do way more shows & faires 7. i'd clean my house everyday 8. i'd go every where i was invited 9. i'd walk the dogs every day 10. i'd take dance classes 11. i'd take yoga 12. i wouldn't have to leave every where early 13. i'd volunteer more


Alice Audrey said...

You have got to deal with this. It's screwing with your life.

marina said...

That is a great list!
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Lifecruiser said...

Are you sure? It sound like you would be very, very occupied.... *giggles*

Di said...


Nicole said...

((((hugs))))) I would do more if I didn't have back issues... I am doing WAY better than I was even a few months ago, but still I can't do everything I used to do or want to do. Like run :o(

I am sorry you have a tough time sometimes.