Thursday, October 9, 2008

Thursday Thirteen!

Thirteen pictures I love from Halloween Haunt(Knotts Scary Farm) last week:
1. Squishy face picture! "Stop tickling me!!!!"
2. Our matching necklaces custom made by
3. Mine
4. I really dug this girl, I think she liked me too!

5. This is "pinky" shes a freaking rockstar and i <3>

6. This is Ferret, i'm a total Ferret groupie, its sick. (shes the best bellydancer i've ever known)

7. Minxie is an awesome photographer

8. Almost as good as my mom
9. I like to play with doll-ys 10. I know Jabber. 11. Trick or treat smell our feet!

12. Shes the prettiest dead doll-y i've ever seen

13. TruBBle's massive fear of things/people touching her ankles

Most of the people who work Haunt work Faire hence the reason I can stand next to scary monsters and smile big, ( i know there are real people inside) Its makes it less scary and more fun that way!

Thanks to Minxie for all the pictures! To see some of her other awesome monster pictures click her blog on the side under who i'm reading it says Commedore Minxie!


~Minxie~ said...

Jadey my love... thank you for the kind words.... you make me blush! It was great fun hanging with you and TruBBle!!!

Big hugs and monster kisses!!!!

Nicole said...

Dude! Those are some awesome pictures. Creepy and scary, but still cool! I will check out minxie's site too.

Anonymous said...

hahaha that is too cool...looks likr a lot of fun!