Thursday, September 18, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen reasons you should come by our bake sale today and buy something 1. my mom made the best bread i've ever seen, cinnamon swirl bread and applesauce bread 2. cupcakes are yummy. Its a fact. 3. its supporting a very good cause, our team for the foundation's breast cancer walk 4. its a cheap dessert 5. we even have dinner for sale so you don't have to cook tonight 6. we have amazing home made salsa 7. 15 different kinds of cookies 8. it doesn't have to be a birthday to eat cake 9. a full plate is only $5 10. cuz we still haven't made enough money to qualify as a team 11. triple chocolate brownies. thats all i really have to say 12.did i mention its for a good cause? 13. The best reason: i took out all the calories and fat just for you!! If you don't live close by and still want to help us please consider donating directly to us, even a dollar or two would really help. The Foundation pays for women who find a lump in their breast and have no insurance or lack of insurance, if you are under 40 even the government will not help. ASpril of 2007 i found a lump (i have no insurance) I called the foundation and they took care of everything, luckily it wasn't cancer but it was still such a rollarcoaster, they were there for me the whole way, going to appointments will me so i wasn't alone calling me to see how it went if they didn't go. They are all so wonderful and i"d like to try to pay them back a little bit for what theyve done for me. So please consider donating thanks!


Booemr and Rusty said...

What an awesome cause! The link didn't work though.

Di said...

Um, sweetie, you didn't mention the chocolate chip cake? Or is it gone already!!!????