Thursday, August 7, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen things off my mile long to do list and
13 things i'm putting off by doing this blog now:
1. do the dishes
2. go to walk meeting
3. work on our walk team page (
4. set up Chik-fil-a fundraiser
5. set up Marble Slab fundraiser
6. take Morgan Pearl out to get her sponsorships
7. register all our team members online.
8. go to grocery store
9.go to craft store for more wood purses
10. put up walk posters up in mall
11. work on karates myspace
12.get everything ready for tournament sunday
13. make more for my shop


Di said...

Can't KT help you with any of that??

Be there around 3-330.

Clara said...

That's quite a list! If I were facing all that, I'd blog, too!